Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors


Granting the Accreditation Certificate to Two Clinical Laboratories in accordance with ISO 15189 - 2019/01/30

Iranian Association Clinical Laboratory Doctors, with the establishment, implementation and monitoring requirements of ISO/IEC17011 and the requirements set by the international and regional accreditation cooperation and gaining achievements for membership in the APLAC(Full member) and APAC(Associate member), undertakes to provide accreditation services to the Applicants that is Medical laboratories who implement ISO 15189 standard.

In this regard, among the laboratories that have participated in the accreditation processes, Two Laboratories: Iran Social security organization Reference Laboratory and Farvardin Pathobiology Laboratory adequately fulfilled the requirements and passed the processes successfully and succeeded in obtaining accreditation certificate in the scope of accreditation granted on their certificate.

IACLD sends Congratulation to the Directors and great experts of these two laboratories that have been involved in this effort and their competencies in the scope of inclusion have been deserved. IACLD wishes increasing success and sustainable continuity in maintaining the achievements of the two laboratories and has a determined commitment to the efforts of the authorities, the scientific community and the collective reliance on the development of the network of accredited laboratories and to achieve the conditions for their acceptance at the national and international levels.

Quoted by the Executive Director of IACLD, efforts have been made to develop accreditation certificates, to meet all standard requirements, as well as international laboratory accreditation cooperation and regional body, and in this regard, all stakeholders, both the service provider and the recipient, Should pay attention to the components of certification.

One of the most important points is the following:

-The Logo of Accreditation Certificate for the Medical Laboratory which is specific to the IACLD and has been formally introduced to the APLAC and then APAC, and they have introduced IACLD by this logo on its website at the international level.

- The formal certificate, includes the following specifications: a bilingual display (English-Persian), attachment pages for description of the scopes of activities

-Criteria of Accreditation: ISO 15189 with edition number;

- The Code number of certificate that is unique to each laboratory;

-Issue-Recertification-Expiry Date of the certificate, indicating the duration of the official activity of the laboratory in the scope of inclusion;

- Name and characteristic of Medical Laboratory;

- The name and characteristic of the Accreditation Body;

- The scope of accreditation, which is located after the cover –main page and it is an integral part of the certificate;

Note: The presentation of a main page is not justified on its own and does not indicate the scope of the accreditation.

-“Page    of     ” at the bottom of each page of certification;

- A prominent logo at the bottom of each page of certification.